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Title: Industry and Environment Review
a quarterly review

Volume 27 N 4
8th International High-level Seminar on Sustainable Consumption and Production

Last issue of UNEP's quarterly Industry and Environment. Discussing the interrelated environment and development themes of sustainable use of water, sustainable use of energy and sustainable agriculture.

Table of Contents

Sustainable consumption and production

  • Editorials: Klaus Toepfer and Alberto C?rdenas Jiménez
  • Introduction: Monique Barbut
  • Acknowledgements
  • Presentation and background
  • Recommendations
  • The Ten-Year Framework for sustainable consumption and production: current status
  • "Plan B": the rescue of a planet and a civilization - by Lester Brown
  • Evaluation of river basin management: the Mexican case - by Cecilia Tortajada
  • PuR: a low-cost water treatment product for disaster response and for in home use in the developing world
  • Sustainable consumption and production and the energy sector
  • US states in the lead: creative public finance of clean energy - by Lewis Milford and Allison Schumacher
  • Making agriculture more sustainable: trends and challenges
  • Rainforest Alliance: mainstreaming sustainable agriculture
  • Tomorrow's consumer - by Tony Pigott
  • SCP and alternative development models
  • Alternative development models: opportunities for sustainable industrialization - by Michael Massey
  • Kawasaki's eco-industrial revolution - by Saburo Kato
  • The introduction of MMT in South Africa: uncertainties associated with implementing the precautionary approach and the precautionary principle - by Jonathon Hanks
  • Stakeholder engagement: an opportunity for SMEs? - by Michael Kuhndt, Volker Türk and Martin Herrndorf


  • World News
  • Industry Updates
  • UNEP Focus
  • Books and Reports
  • Web Site Highlights

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Industry and Environment
Volume 27 N° 4
October - December 2004

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