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Title: Industry and Environment Review
a quarterly review


Volume 26 N 2-3
Sustainable building and construction


Learn more about the potential role of this sector as the cornerstone of sustainability

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Volume 26 No.2-3
April - September 2003
Pages:114 pages
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Table of Contents

Sustainable and construction

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Editorial - The building and construction sector: cornerstone of sustainability

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  1. Sustainable building and construction - facts and figures
  2. Realizing the sector's potential for contributing to sustainable development - by Wim Bakens
  3. Towards a sustaining architecture for the 21st century: the promise of
    cradle-to-cradle design - by William McDonough and Michael Braungart
  4. Life-cycle analysis of the built environment - by Niklaus Kohler, Sebastian Moffatt
  5. A blueprint for green building economics - by David Gottfried
  6. Drivers for sustainable construction - by the Sustainable Development Task Force
  7. One million sustainable homes - by Jo Wheeler
  8. Solar energy and eco-design in the tourism sector - by Patricia Cortijo
  9. The role of policies in promoting sustainable practices - by Ronald Rovers
  10. Do standards and regulations supply the necessary incentive for
    sustainable building? - by Sigrid Melby Strand and Sverre Fossdal
  11. Life-cycle costing in the construction sector - by Michael Clift
  12. Land use and sustainable buildings: design and construction in southern Brazil - by Miguel Aloysio Sattler
  13. Sustainable building services in developing countries: the challenge to find "best-fit" technologies - by Roderic Bunn
  14. The open building concept for an adaptable built environment - by Tomonari Yashiro
  15. Concepts and instruments for a sustainable construction sector - by Holger Wallbaum and Claudia Buerkin
  16. Construction products and life-cycle thinking - by Suzy Edwards and Philip Bennett
  17. On the sustainability of concrete - by Vanderley M. John
  18. Bamboo in construction: status and potential - by Lionel Jayanetti and Paul Follett
  19. Procurement of sustainable construction services in the United States: the contractor's role in green buildings - by David Riley, Kim Pexton and Jennifer Drilling
  20. Sustainable construction: a Swedish company's approach - by Axel Wenblad
  21. Social aspects of sustainable construction: an ILO perspective - by Jill Wells
  22. Promoting innovation in construction SMEs: an EU case study - by Alex Wharton and David Payne
  23. Tools for environmental assessment of existing buildings - by Chiel Boonstra and Trine Dyrstad Pettersen
  24. Deconstruction: the start of a sustainable materials strategy for the built
    environment - by Charles J. Kibert

Other Topics

  1. Integration of EMS into national regulatory frameworks for offshore oil and gas
    production - by Adaeze Ifesi
  2. Energy, development and climate change: considerations in Asia and
    Latin America - by IPIECA Climate Change Working Group

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