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Title: Industry and Environment Review
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Volume 27 N 1
Water and development: industry's contribution

The global water situation, which many would call a water crisis, threatens development, the environment, and efforts to reduce poverty and assure peace.

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Volume 27 No.1
January - March 2004
Pages: 56 pages
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Table of Contents

Freshwater and industry

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  • Editorial: the water business: commitments and opportunities
  • Freshwater and industry: facts and figures
  • Objectifs de développement du Millénaire, nouvelle gestion de l'eau, contribution du monde des entreprises et des affaires - by Pierre-Frédéric Ténière-Buchot
  • Water and industry: challenges and opportunities - by Andrew Speers
  • Water policies in the 21st century - by Asit K. Biswas
  • Act locally! How to involve small-scale enterprises in providing water supply to rural areas - by François Brikké
  • Meeting targets for water supply and sanitation: the African challenge - by Shehu Yahaya
  • The potential for private sector partnerships to protect marine/coastal areas through national action programmes - by Erin Marie Hyland
  • Dams and nature: negotiating enough water for life - by Achim Steiner
  • The changing water cycle and the insurance industry - by Andrew Dlugolecki
  • Bioremediation, phytotechnology and artificial groundwater recharge: potential applications and technology transfer issues for developing countries - by Goen Ho
  • Water scarcity, desalination and pollution - by Walid A. Abderrahman and Tahir Husain
  • Towards a new form of urban sanitation and water infrastructure - by Saburo Matsui
  • Multiple benefits through integrated end-use water management strategies - by Robert C. Wilkinson


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