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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone

How countries are celebrating Ozone Day 2005

Act Ozone Friendly - Stay Sun Safe!

The following list is how different countries and parts of the world are celebrating Ozone Day. Please let us know of any activities/events not on this list.

Regional - West Asia
  • On the occasion of International Ozone day, Radio Monte Carlo
    - Moyen Orient aired a radio interview with Mrs Zeinab Saleh, Manager of the Ozone Unit, General Office of the Environment, Kuwait, and Mr Ayman Eltalouny a refrigeration expert, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Bahrain, on how Arab countries respond to international legislation in relation to ozone layer depletion.

  • An awareness raising event was held at the International Press Centre of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in Kabul.
  • The National Ozone Unit (NOU) launched the screening of the Ozzy Ozone video in Dari and Pashto through local television networks.
  • Information leaflets and other materials were distributed to Kabul University and schools.

  • Prepared and printed copy-books containing information on the ozone layer, UV radiation, ways of protection from the UV radiation, and knowledge checking test. View copy-book 1, copy-book 2, copy-book 3
  • Held awareness raising seminars in two schools with the cartoon demonstration and distribution of the copy-books on 15 and 16 Sept. View photo from seminar.
  • Aired a live radio programme on the National Radio Channel on 15 September with the participation of the Project National Coordinator (Asya Muradyan), the National Consultant on Public Awareness (David Melkonyan) and the National Consultant on Refrigeration (Radik Yepremyan).
  • The National Consultant on Public Awareness was interviewed by Shant TV Channel on 15 Sept.
  • An exhibition of pictures dedicated to the problem of the ozone layer painted by the children of the National Aesthetic Center (about 120 pictures) at the Moscow cinema on 16 Sept. The press was present and intereviews were conducted. The exhibition was highlighted in nearly all National TV Channels.

  • The Department of Environment, Ministry of Envionrment and Forest, undertook various programmes on 16 Sept including special supplements in three National Dailies in which messages by the Hon. President, Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Minister for Environment and Forest, Hon. State Minister for Environment and Forest were published.
  • The Bangladesh Betar (Radio) and television broadcasted the messages of the Hon. President and the Hon. Prime Minister. They stressed the need for concerted efforts to reduce the use of ozone depleting substances in line with the Montreal Protocol to protect the environment from the adverse impact of ozone layer depletion.
  • A discussion was held on 16 Sept on Bangladesh television participated by the Hon. Minister and Hon. State Minister for Environment and Forest, Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest and the Director General of the Department of Environment.
  • A painting competition was organised among the children on 11 Sept. About 600 children of various age groups participated in the competition.
  • A nation-wide essay competition was also organised among students from schools and universities on the eve of ozone day on various topics.
  • A seminar was organised by the Department of Environment at the Bangladesh Institute of Administrative and Management in Dhaka. Chief guest, Mr Khan M. Ibrahim Hossain, Director General, Department of Environment gave a discourse on Bangladesh's National ODS Phase-out Plan.

  • The week of ozone day, courts quiz, ozone questions and co-operator's general ozone tips were aired every evening.
  • The Ozzy Ozone video was aired throughout the week on the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
  • The Government Information Services broadcasted an interview with the National Ozone Officer Ms Smith about Ozone.
  • On 13 September 'Ozone and You' skit 1 was performed by popular actors discussing the topic of Ozone Depletion. Skit 2 will be aired at a later date.
  • On 16 September, an ozone awareness article in the Nation Newspaper highlighted this year's theme.
  • On 16 September, there was an Ozone Children's Workshop introducing Ozzy Ozone and Friends. This was a fun educational workshop about ozone awareness and staying sun safe. Children also got a preview of the new Activity Book, "The Little Green Book: Introducing Ozzy Ozone and Friends, Volume 1" the first in a series to be produced.
  • Children drew pictures dipicting this year's ozone theme. Cliick the following to view pictures. Picture 1/ Picture 2 / Picture 3 / Picture 4 / Picture 5.

  • The Ministry of Environment and Water translated the Ozzy Ozone cartoon and multiplied it on CDs.
  • A huge event linking ozone depletion and climate change was organised in the museum, Earth and People in Sofia. 180 students from different schools in Sofia took part in the celebration. The key accent was the presentation of interactive educational awareness matereials for students aged between 10 and 16 years, for teachers and the general public.
  • The Ozzy Ozone cartoon, interactive computer games with questions about climater change and other materials were presented to children. A mobile classroom like a globe was used for the occasion. The event attracted a great interest on the part of the participants.
  • From 16 Sept a national awareness campaign begun for the dissemination of material in the whole country through regional structures.

  • Broadcasted the Hon. Prime Minister's statement on ozone protection through National channels on TV and nationwide newspapers.
  • Conducted training for officials from Customs and Cam-control Department on inspection and control of ozone depleting substances.
  • Raised public awareness by hanging banners and slogans along several Phnom Penh streets, (Act Ozone Friendly - Stay Sun Safe, Use Ozone-Friendly Products etc.).
  • Disseminated the government regulations on ODS management and distributed the comic book on protecting the ozone layer in schools.

  • The Hon. Minister of Environment and Nature Protection gave a speech on national television.
  • On 16 Sept some NGOs, Industrial enterprises and schools in Yaonde displayed exhibition stands with ODS-free products.
  • Some schools organised debates on the ozone layer. Prizes were given to winners.

  • MOPIA (Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association, Canada) issued a press release.
  • MOPIA also organed a contest for the public and stakeholders to enter to win one of tens pairs of UV protective sunglasses (retail value of $79).

  • The Ozone celebrations were organised by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) in the city of Shenzhen. High ranking environment officials and professionals were invited to commemorate the occasion. View photo.
  • Jilin Province was honoured with the special gold prize for their contribution to ozone layer protection.
  • Participating mayors from 41 Chinese cities signed a proposal to protect the ozone layer and speed up ODS elimination.
  • Four Workshops were organised by SEPA on ozone layer protection.

The Technical Ozone Unit of the Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial of Colombia in coordination with various cities organised the following activities :
  • Launched a commemorative postal stamp in Bogotá.
  • Commemorative messages on public transport as transmilenio Bogotá and underground of Medellín.
  • Lectures at universities and colleges were held on ozone layer preservation.
  • Internal ozone related activities within the Ministry of Environment (Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial of Colombia) were held.
  • Posters and tee-shirts were printed and distributed.
  • Click here to view the programme of activities.

Costa Rica
  • Ozone related plays were performed by children and government officials, UNDP and the press was invited. Click here to see full details.
  • Ozzy Ozone video was sent to all schools.
  • A letter from the Minister of Environment and Energy was sent to children as well as adults emphasising the need tp protect the ozone layer and the need to protect themselves from UV rays. The Secretary General's Ozone Day message was also distributed.

  • The Ministry of Environment Protectioin and Physical Planning and Construction, prepared a poster for Ozone day. Click here to view.

  • The Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment addressed the nation.
  • Short messages were given by the Minister of Public Works and Public Utilities, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, the Mayor of the city of Roseau and the Director of the Environmental Coordinating Unit.
  • A huge event with 14 schools from Dominica, many stakeholders, business departments, government departments and non-governmental organizations was organised. The media coveredr the event. All schools had placards and wore the ozzie t-shirts.
  • Over 300 t-shirts were printed with this year's ozone day theme.
  • Books, hats and brochures designed by Dominica were also distributed as public awareness material.
  • The week of ozone day, a radio quiz on 2 radio stations was aired daily. Winners were given materials from UNEP as prizes.
  • An ozone jingle was recorded which will be used throughout the activities.
  • Television and radio discussions on ozone-related issues were aired.
  • A televised call-in programme to commemorate the occasion on Marpin Telecoms. The programme was hosted by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF).
  • A national march and rally was held. Participants included all the schools and colleges within the Roseau catchment area.

Dominican Republic
  • Ozone day celebration was held in the V Centenario de Santo Domingo Hotel, with the presence of Ministerial and other organization authorities, politicians, businessmen, agricultures and media communication.
  • Under the subject "At 10 years of Montreal Protocol implementation in the Dominican Republic" Mr. Juan Filipo from the Ozone National Unit summarized the work done over the last ten years and pointed out the challenges they faced during this stage with the Protocol.
  • The Environment Management Sub-secretary, Ms.Zoila González de Gutiérrez, stated that Dominican Republic is now more than ever ready to comply with Montreal Protocol agreements; she was pleased as well of the work done by the Ozone National Unit.
  • UNEP/ROLAC Methyl Bromide Officer, Mr. José de Mesa, put forward the latest data regarding the ozone layer depletion, showing an interesting presentation of the current status of the ozone hole, confirming that reduction of the ozone depleting substances at stratospheric level is being detected and total recuperation is expected to start by the year 2050.

  • An Ozone Day celebration was held at Cairo House, the Environmental Center.
  • A speech in honour of the celebration, was delivered by the Hon. Minister of State for the Environmental Affairs, Eng. Maged George Elias.
  • Lectures were delivered by the Hon Minster of Environment, the CEO of the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency (EEAA), Director of the Climatic Changes Unit, and representatives of the Egyptian Meteorological Association and the Agriculture Research Center.
  • Interviews were conducted on Egyptian radio with Dr Ezzat Lewis, Director of the Ozone Unit.
  • Press releases highlighting the Egyptian Government and the National Ozone Units (NOUs) efforts to preserve the environment were issued in different newspapers and magazines.

  • The Department of Environment, Ministry of Land, Water and Environment prepared a detailed article entitled, "International Ozone Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer." This article was published in both English and Tigrigna in the Eritrea Profile newspaper on 17 September. The article gave a description of the ozone layer, the causes of ozone depletion and its effects. It also mentioned the role of the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol and Eritrea's commitment to comply with these agreements.
  • Banners were posted in the streets to raise awareness. Click on the following to view pictures: photo1, photo2, photo3.

  • Ozone Week was launched on Monday 12 Sept to mark the global effort to protect the ozone layer.
  • Celebrations organised by the National Ozone Unit of the Department of Environment to raise awareness on the need for people to work together to minimise ozone depletion.

  • A press conference was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 14 Sept. This was held in order to give the media more information on both the Ozone programme and International Ozone Day. Part of the time was dedicated to discussions on Finland's location under the ozone hole. The representatives of Finnish Ministry of Environment, Meteorological Institute and UNEP briefed the press. Click here to see conference photo.
  • The works of Ozzy Ozone were highligted. This project was initiated in order to spread information on ozone issues to children.
  • A commercial TV "Good Morning Finland" programme presented highlights of the Ozzy Ozone campaign on 14 Sept. The programme was viewed by 3 million spectators.


  • A week before International Ozone Day, the State Press nationally publicised this event.
  • A speech by the Hon. Minister of Environment was aired on national radio and television at a peak hour from 15 to 17 September 2005. Both the public and private media relayed the MInister's speech as well as journals and newspapers.
  • The Ozzy Ozone video was televised on 16 September by the State's major TV channels.
  • One remarkable implication was the request made by a private TV channel - with a strong audience - to the National Ozone Focal Point, to enlightened viewers on the history of the ozone layer depletion, the aims of the Montreal Protocol, the countries obligations, the present challenges of this Convention, and the pressing need to contribute to the protection of the ozone layer.

  • Three types of radio announcements were aired in Georgian language - about 48 times - highlighting ozone layer protection, ozone depleting substances and the role of the National Ozone Unit (NOU).
  • Banners were placed at the main Rustaveli street of Tbilisi.
  • Advertisement posters on ozone were placed in a popular newspaper '24 hours'.
  • The NOU organised major activities in the village of Khobi, west Georgia.
  • A training workshop for refrigeration technicians was held in the margins of the celebration. A special gift was awarded to the best technician after an examination test prepared by experts from the Georgian Refrigeration Association.
  • A painting competition for school children was organised after they viewed the Ozzy Ozone video. View some of the paintings. Painting 1, painting 2, painting 3, and a photo of children at work.
  • The celebration was finalised with a concert of national groups of Georgian singers and dancers.

  • An Ozone poster competition was organised for children. Prizes included a round trip for two to Tobago and book vouchers valued at $300 and $200. The selected posters will be used for a calendar.

  • The official ozone day celebration was organised by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India. On this occasion, The Hon. Minister of State and Environment presented Indira Priyadarshni Vrikshmitra Award, E.K. Janaki Ammal National Award, Vishisht Vaigyanik Puraskar and Maidini Puraskar.
  • Air India, and one of the country’s leading banks, the Bank of Maharashta, hosted outreach events and produced awareness materials.
  • Ozzy Ozone video was shown on Air India flights during the month of September.
  • Air India published ozone awareness articles in their in-flight magazine. Click here to view.

  • A half-day high-level meeting to discuss the issues that will encourage national stakeholders to agree to establish a reliable system to control the ODS import was organised.
  • Organised a science camp for students of secondary schools to raise awareness i.e. by organising visits for children to companies that produce CFC-free appliances and for demonstration on how retrofitting is done, how to detect false labelling on the issue of illegal trade of ODS smuggling, how to detect leaks and to show how home appliances are maintained and why it is important to safely dispose ODS containing old appliances.
  • Organised a talk show on the depletion of the ozone layer and how the civil society can contribute for its protection. This was broadcasted on Ozone Day.
  • Organised a meeting with the Implementing Agencies, the Diplomatic Corps representing countries from the region and other invited special guests to celebrate the Regional Ozone Day.
  • Organised a rally to raise awareness on the ozone issue with the participation of university students taking broken umbrellas as a symbol of the damaged ozone layer. The participants also distributed awareness material.

  • A poster highlighting this year's ozone day theme was prepared by the Ozone Centre of the Ministry of Ecology and Emergency Situation. Click here to view.

  • Ozone day was celebrated at the local YMCA Conference Hall. The programme targeted the Government ministries of Justice, Fire Service Bureau, and Transport so as to raise awareness of the danger involved in the depletion of the ozone layer and to acquaint them of their respective roles in the protection of the ozone layer. The occasion was graced by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Justice for Litigation, Mrs. Aba G. williams, who served as guest speaker.
  • The programme also featured a dramatized version of Ozzy Ozone Video by a local dramatic group called Monique International.
  • A public awareness campaign was launched with the distribution of souvenir calendars, bumper stickers and broadcasting of an adapted version of Ozzy Ozone radio spots on the local radio stations. Click here to view calendar.

  • Ozone Day celebrations were organized by the Ozone Unit of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Macedonia. The Caribbean Ozone Song was used as background music during this event.

  • A speech by the Minister of Environment, Water and Forests Hon Rabotoarison Charles Sylvain was broadcasted on radio and television. The speech was also widely distributed by journalists.
  • Ozone spots were aired on private and national television at the central locations and in key provincial centres.
  • Documentaries were televised on national television and private stations (a documentary in Malagasy on Madagascar's Ozone projects; Ozzy Ozone video; "Nothing to declare - Good Customs to Save the Ozone Layer") at central locations and in key provincial centres.
  • Several national newspapers published press releases on the protection of the Ozone layer.
  • A one day event for the Ozone day celebration was organized, followed by a series of documentaries on the importance of the protection of the ozone layer. There were a series of demonstrations on the recovery and recycling of the CFCs by training officers in the presence of refrigeration technicians, journalists and others concerned and interviews by the BNO at the Directorate-General of Environment at Ampandrianomby/Antananarivo.
  • A thematic conference on the protection of the ozone layer was organised on 29 September at the National Office of the Environment.

  • A booklet entitled, "Mise en ouvre du protocole de Montréal au Mali. was prepared and published by the National Ozone Unit.
  • The Ozzy Ozone video has been translated into the national language Bambara which is one of the languges spoken in many countries like, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

  • The Hon. Minister of Environment and National Development Unit, the Hon. Minister of Education, the Hon. Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication and UNEP hosted a press conference where a new UNEP educational website for children was globally launched (www.ozzyozone.org).
  • View photo of press conference.
  • Ozone day stickers were prepared and distributed. Click here to view sticker.

  • An event was organised to mark the closure of the production facilities of CFCs of Quimobasicos, the largest manufacturer of CFCs in Latin America. As a result, CFC production in Mexico fell to zero, Latin American production to 60 percent, and global output by 12 to 13 percent. View conference photo.

  • An awareness campaign for orphanages was organised in Moldova . The children received specially produced T-shirts, baseball caps, pens and flyers.
  • The Ozzy Oozne video was shown on national TV in Russian and Romanian.
  • The Ozzy TV spots and radio spots were also shown on television.

  • Prof.Adyasuren.Ts, Director of the National Ozone Authority (NOA) was interviewed on radio and TV on ozone layer protection and future challenges.
  • The National Ozone Unit published an article 'The Depletion of Shell and its Danger' in the daily newspaper, Ardiin Erkh on 19 September.
  • The NOA organized a Tele Olympiad on ''Let's Protect Our Nature and Ozone Layer'' in collaboration with the Environmental Education and Research Institute ECO ASIA and Mongolian National TV, along with grades 8-11 high school children nationwide. The Olympiad was carried out from 10th of August to 5th of September. For 2005 Olympiad had a newly designed approach and style participated with teams. It was broadcasted throughout the nation on 16 September for public awareness to the general public.
  • The NOA organized a press conference for journalists of all TV channels, radios and newspapers in Mongolia. A press conference was held with participation of TV, radio and national news correspondents of around 11 newspapers and students. The press conference was broadcasted on TV, radio and released in newspapers all over the country.
  • The posters ''Let's protect the Ozone Layer'' was placed on public transportation/ buses, minibuses/ and distributed to many other places to raise public awareness.
  • An article on ''Be careful with sun harmful effects'' was published in the newspaper '' Today ''#178, in advance and on 01 Aug 2005.
  • Other activities include: the inventory survey of ODS and ODS containing equipment carried out by NOA, visiting ODS importing & refrigeration service companies, plants, hotels, hospitals in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.
  • The Director of NOA, is participating in the 2005 Taiwan International Conference on Atmosphere Protection on 19-21 September 2005 in Taipei. He will be contributing valuable experience to improve the understanding of atmospheric protection. He will give a presentation on ''The National Strategy for Ozone Layer Protection in Mongolia" and "'Climate Change and Air Quality Monitoring in Mongolia''.

  • A special event was organised by Nambia's Ozone Unit to commemorate Ozone day at Rundu Senior Secondary School on 16 Sept. The event was addressed by Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Bernard Esau.
  • A brief presentation on the status of the ozone layer and the side effects of ozone depletion was made by the National Ozone Unit, and a short sesson was committed for discussions, questions and answers. Both students and teachers actively participated.
  • The Ozone Office printed posters, booklets and newsletters and distributed them extensively.

  • The Federal Ministry of Environment prepared and printed stickers, 'I help protect the ozone layer.' Click here to view sticker.

  • A "2005 Ozone Month Celebration Report" was prepared by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Environmental Management Bureau. This year's campaign focused on the end-users of CFCs - the servicing sector. Hence, the theme for the celebration of Ozone Month was 'Towards Ozone-Friendly and Customer-Oriented Servicing.'
  • A variety of methods to deliver messages were employed. Interpersonal activities included orientation-seminars, public presentations of the voucher system, and exhibits etc. The mass media were used through publications of advertorials, various press releases and airing of audio-visual presentations about ozone issues in major television stations.

  • Roundtable and festivities were organised at national level on 16 Sept. The event was covered by 4 TV stations and 9 central newspaper representatives were also present.
  • On 19 September a one hour on-line interview was aired on the National Radio station. The Romanian Hon. Minister of Environment, Ms Sulfina Barbu participated and addressed the national priorities concerning complance to the Monotreal Protocol provisions. Other participants were the National Ozone Unit, experts from refrigeratioin associations and representatives of two universities presented the status of ODS phase-out in Romania.
  • Posters and flyers (1500 copies) were distributed around the country by 43 local agencies for environmental protection.
  • Local authorities for environmental protection also organised roundtables and activities with schools around the country.

  • A poem competiton for schoolchildreen on 'Protection of the Ozone Layer' was organised.
  • Publication of guidebook and bookmark on the Montreal Protocol and Seychelles' implementation of the protocol.
  • On-going training for refrigerant technicians on Good Refrigerant Management.
  • Reproduction of the new cartoon booklet for children featuring Ozzy Ozone character, "Ozzy Ozone, Defender of Our Planet", which will be distributed in schools.

St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • The world ozone day banner was displayed in Kingstown.
  • A public exhibition, where informational posters on the location, function, cause, effects and ways in which ozone depletion can be reduced.
  • Posters were dostributed: one on the effects of ozone depletion and one highlighting the role of various members of the public can assist in the fight against ozone depletion.
  • Newspaper articles were placed in the print media, running for two weeks, addressing the whole concept of the ozone layer depletion and a full page article on this year's theme for world ozone day. The methods or ways in which the population can "act ozone friendly" and how they can be "sun safe" are highlighted.
  • A national 'ozone story competition was organised.' The winning story would be used to produce a story /activity book to be published and distributed nation wide.
  • On televison, the Environmental Co-ordinator (Ag) and the National Ozone Officer, discussed ozone depletion and all related aspects both locally and internationally.
  • Radio segments on "Health Microscope" discussing the implications of ozone depletion on health.
  • Viewing of the Ozzy Ozone video on location stations at various times during the week up to and beyond world ozone day.
  • World ozone day was announced and highlighted on various local radio statioins.
  • Plans are in place to host the 2nd major ozone exhibition in the Grenadines.

  • An exhibition was held on all activities undertaken to date by the National Ozone Office, ozone-friendly products (this in close cooperation with the private sector), the health effects related to overexposure to UV rays, etc.
  • A dermatologist gave a presentation on the health effects in the case of a thinning ozone layer.
  • "A Fly A Kite" competition was organised for children between the ages of 6 and 13.
  • Several games that included environmental messages and information.
  • Subsequently, for three weeks the National Ozone Office presented to the general public on local television, a documentary on the implementation of the Montreal Protocol to date in Suriname. This was produced in cooperation with other government institutions (Ministry of Trade & Industry, Bureau of Public Health and Customs) and the private sector.

  • Exercise books and placards entitled "Halte a là destruction de la couche d'ozone" were prepared for ozone day by the Ministèere de l'Environnement et des Ressources Forestieres.

Trinidad & Tobago
  • Ozzy Ozone tapes was given to Regional Airline BWIA for in-flight viewing.
  • Media appearances on the TV morning programmes.
  • Ozone related news was highlighted in newspaper supplements.
  • Displays at Gulf City Mall.
  • Launched calendar for 2006 using winning Posters from the 2004 Poster Competition.
  • Organised a Poster Competition for 2005.
  • Distributed Information kits for businesses in the Mobile Air Conditioning Sector.
  • Displays at University West Indies Library.

  • A Workshop of "Evaluation of the retrofit done on refrigerant and air conditioning equipment" was held on 16 Sept in order to analyze the present situation of ozone layer depletion and national actions developed as well as to analyze the lessons learned from the First Regional Workshop on Demonstration and Training in 2003 and propose future studies on this issue.

  • A presentation of the seal "Ozono Amigo" (Ozone Friend) to Mr. Juan José Urtarán, first horticulturist producer that receives this seal recognizing the he doesn't use any more methyl bromide to fumigate the soil in the production process. The Hon. Minister, Mr. Mariano Arana and the National Director of the Environment, Ms. Alicia Torres, participated.

  • On the Educational permanent fair "Espacio Ciencia" of the Technical Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) the following activities were held:
    -Presentation of the stand "Ozone Layer Protection Programme".
    -Exhibition of the educational video "La Capa de Ozono, una aventura llena de -ida". (The Ozone Layer, and adventure full of life)
    -Hand over of the children's book "La Capa de Ozono, Una aventura llena de vida" (The Ozone Layer, and adventure full of life), pencil and a pencil sharpener to all schoolboys and schoolgirls that assist to the fair with their school.
    -Hand over of the book "Veinte Preguntas y Respuestas sobre la Capa de Ozono" (Twenty questions and answers of the Ozone Layer) and the educational video "La Capa de Ozono, una aventura llena de vida". (The Ozone Layer, and adventure full of life) to every school that participate on guide visits.
    -National distribution of the book "Twenty questions and answers of the Ozone Layer" and the video "The Ozone Layer, and adventure full of life" and hand over of the Booklet "Good practices on refrigeration" PNUMA publication, to technicians and high-school students.

United States of America
  • The Ozzy Ozone video was screened at the Chicago Film Festivals.
  • Ozone day celebration following this year's ozone theme with a "Sun Safety Summit for Skin Cancer Prevention" co-hosted by the US Environmental protection Agency, the Center for Disease Prevention and the National Council on Skin Cancer prevention.

  • The State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of uzbekistan produced various awareness materials for International Ozone day. The Ozzy Ozone video was translated in Uzbek and Russian, a video telling about activities of the National Ozone Office was produced, a poster calendar for 2005 was printed, T-shirts and caps were produced. Badges, envelopes, memo pads plastic bags, document folders, bookmarks etc. were also produced for this occasion.
  • The Ozzy Ozone was broadcasted on national television on 16 Sept.



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