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International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone

How countries celebrated Ozone Day 2006

The following list is how different countries and parts of the world are celebrating Ozone Day. Please let us know of any activities/events not on this list.

  • On the occasion of International Ozone Day, Radio UN interviewed Ms Anne Fenner from the OzonAction Branch, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Ms Fenner emphasised on the need to further educate the youth on ozone protection. For this purpose, the OzonAction Branch produced an "Education Pack for Primary Schools.

    On 15 September, the Education pack was offically launched in Chile, India and Kenya.

  • Gisela Heymann from RFI (Brazilian Portuguese) also interviewed Anne Fenner from UNEP's OzonAction Branch on issues related to ozone protection and the Montreal Protocol. Ms Fenner also took the opportunity to introduce the Education Pack for Primary schools.

    The interview, in Portuguese, is available on RFI.

Regional - West Asia
  • In collaboration with Radio Monte Carlo for the Middle East (RMC-MO, a special programme on the ozone layer was broadcasted on 20 Sept. The programme in Arabic - Baituna Al Alam (The world our home), highlighted the OzonAction activities with regards to ozone layer protection, the OzonAction Education Pack and the Montreal Protocol. Dr Said Arnaout, Regional Advisor, Health of Special Groups, WHO/EMRO highlighted health aspects and Dr Abdulelah Al Wadaee, Ozone Regional Network Coordinator, UNEP highlighted the legal and educational aspects.

    Click here to listen to interview

Antigua and Barbuda
  • The country offered a working luncheon for technicians in the refrigeration and airconditioning sector and the mass communication media covered all activities regarding ozone protection during the week prior to Ozone Day.
  • A video was produced for public awareness on the problems of ozone layer depletion. The video was broadcasted a week to Ozone Day.


The National Ozone Unit organised the following activities on 15 and 16 Sept:

  • A presentation/exhibition of the work done within the framework of Armenia's Country Programme was organised. This function was held at the Ministry of Nature Protection and representatives from several ministries, NGOs and the Press were invited.
  • T-shirts, note-books, pens, cups and caps etc were produced and distributed to the audience during the exhibition.
  • A special ozone day poster was produced and presented together with other photos and posters of technologies which have already been displayed at SAGA and Aerosol enterprises.
  • A TV spot which highlights the ozone layer problem and the danger caused by its depletion was produced. The TV spot already shown at seminars organised at Lake Sevan during summer was broadcasted on TV on 16 Sept.
  • A seminar on ozone protection was held at the Yerevan Slavonic University on 15 Sept.
  • A TV discussion run by children was shown on a children's channel. The children were given t-shirts and caps for this occasion.
  • On 16 Sept a group of about 50 people (government representatives, NGOs and children) visited the Ozone Measurement Station "Amberd" situated on the mountain Aragats, 2070m above the sea level where they were shown how ozone is measured.

  • They launched an activity book addressing the ozone protection issue and an important local newspaper published an article on this theme.

  • Competitions on ozone protection issues werecarried out in primary schools along with training for teachers on this subject. During ozone week, mass communication media were used to raise awareness about International Ozone Day celebrations.

  • Activities to mark the 2006 celebrations consisted of a shcool debate pitting the Government Bilingual High School, Essos against the Government Technical High School, Nkolbisson in Yaounde, a radio quiz and a radio and television discussion on ozone protection issues.

  • Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association (MOPIA) launched ozone awareness materials which included resources (i.e. weblinks, posters, material order) for industry and the public to further understand their responsibilities to comply with legislation.
  • A press release was prepared and distributed.

  • This year the United Nations decided to simultaneously celebrate the Ozone Day in the cities of Santiago (Chile), New Delhi (India) and Athens (Greece). This presented a great opportunity to raise awareness on the depletion of the ozone layer in Chile and the applicable control mechanisms for the Ozone Depleting Substances that are being implemented in the country.

    The celebration took place on 15 Sept with the presence of representatives from the Health Secretary, the Environment Ministry, WHO, CONAC, and UNESCO, as well as invited primary school students and teachers. During the activity, the authorities gave attendant teachers the OzonAction Education Pack, developed as part of the work programme of UNEP under the Multilateral Fund. The press media covered the celebration.

    Report on Ozone Day celebration in Chile.
    Click here for further information on the launch of the OzonAction Education Pack.

  • The country has programmed for the "First National Artistic and Recreational Festival for the Protection of the Ozone Layer", which took place in different cities of the country. This festival included a number of activities such as artistic events for the public to gain knowledge in an easy and funny way about the ozone protection issue. There was distribution of ozone protection material, painting contests, musical groups, and entertainers, plays, and puppets shows.
  • At the International Airport of Bogotá el Dorado, the Ministry of Environment launched the aerostatic balloon for measuring stratospheric ozone concentration and a press conference was held.
  • In the city of Santa Marta, the refrigeration sector and the Chamber of Commerce carried out the "2006 Expo Ozone Fair" wherein there were lectures and information provided to attendants on the ozone protection issue.
  • Several activities were carried out a week to ozone day in schools and
    universities (display of Ozzy Ozone movie, games, dance shows), conferences, and stands. A number of promotional materials were distributed such as inflatable items, dummies, puzzles, pens, notebooks, caps, posters, etc.
  • In all cities, all mass communication media were summoned, with the participation of regional environment entities and in some cities, of majors and institutional directors of the cultural and environmental areas.
  • The books "Montreal Protocol Implementation in Colombia" and "ODS Trade Control Handbook" were launched on ozone day.

Democratic Republic of Congo
  • On the occasion of International Ozone Day, the Minister of Environment, Natural Conservation, Water and Forests Hon. Anselme Enerunga addressed the nation on 16 Sept and emphasised on the need to respond to the recommendations of the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol on the protection of the layer of ozone.

  • Marking International Ozone Day the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning & Construction made a press release and its representative participated in a TV programme. Jumbo mobile was rented on 15 and 16 Sept in the four largest cities; Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek. Posters and the Ozzy Ozone cartoon were delivered to new generation of eco-schools. Schools in general also marked Ozone day, as well as NGOs during the European week of mobility (16 - 22 Sept) in Karlovac and Šibenik.

  • The whole month of September was dedicated to the celebration of the Protection of the Ozone Layer in a number of cities and municipalities. There were conferences addressed by specialized press as well as to technicians and scientists.
  • Companies, education and working centers held lectures on ozone protection issues and workshops were held on exchanging experiences between technicians in Good Practices in Refrigeration. Prizes were awarded to outstanding workers in the activity of gas extraction in the Recovery and Refrigerators Deactivation Center to outstanding teachers as well as to the winners of the contests in this year's theme. Children were awarded during the painting contests that took place throughout the country.
  • Public awareness material was distributed such as the ozone day poster and special bulletins. Conferences and workshops were carried out with different sectors such as the tourism sector, the medical sector, and the refrigeration technicians sector.
  • Several public events took place such as sports competitions, activities in the National Zoo and Natural History Museum as well as reforestation and learning activities in schools and work centers.
  • Radio and television interviews were held during Sept about the ozone issue with specialists and a television spot was launched on Ozone Day.
  • The mass communication media was present at the majority of the events mentioned above.

  • Dominica launched an education campaign in primary schools and a number of secondary schools were selected to address the ozone issue and to discuss in a forum.

Dominican Republic

Ozone Day celebrations began a week prior to the date and included several activities:

  • On 11 Sept material including the Training Handbook, ODS use Ruling, posters and brochures on the protection of the ozone layer were distributed.
  • A certificate ceremony for the Customs Officers was held as well as the signing of a cooperation agreement between INFOTEP, UNDP and SEMARENA.
  • On 14 Sept the Halon Bank of the Dominican Republic came into operation and on 15 Sept a public awareness campaign was carried out in schools, neighborhood assemblies and NGOs.
  • The equipment for the Methyl Bromide project was handed over to the users in the flower sector and there was a painting contest on 'taking care of the ozone layer'.
  • The mass communication media was present in all of the events mentioned above.


The country organised the following activities:

  • A video conference with NASA about the ozone layer status.
  • A children's painting contest was launched, and brochures and awareness material were distributed during the whole day about the protection of the ozone layer.
  • Conferences were organised with invited primary and secondary schools.

  • Egypt celebrated Ozone Day at Cairo House on 16 Sept. The ceremony was opened by Dr. Ezzat Lewis, Director of Ozone Unit.
  • A Regional Workshop on Replacement Strategies of CFC Chillers in African Countries was held from 19 - 21 Sept in, Cairo.

    Further information on these events please consult the the webpage of the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency ttp://www.eeaa.gov.eg/English/main/env_ozone_main.asp

El Salvador
  • Ozone Day celebrations took place two weeks after 16 Sept and included an official programme in which the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources gave a lecture on the actions that the Ministry has taken in complying with the Montreal Protocol.
  • There was a presentation of the Observation Route to Guatemala, showing the agricultural technologies free of methyl bromide, demonstrating their efficiency. It is expected that both activities will help farmers to support the development of a technified, efficient and methyl bromide-free farming in El Salvador.
  • The Ozone Officer was interviewed by the newspaper ""El Diario de Hoy" on ozone issues and the interview was published as well as other related articles. The Ozone Officer was also invited by the Justice Supreme Court to give a lecture on this issue.
  • The mass communication media was present in all of the events mentioned above.

  • An ozone quiz was organised for secondary schools.
  • A 20 minutes documentary on ozone was launched on Ozone Day.

  • A press conference was held on the occasion of International Ozone Day at which the Vice Prime Minister Georgette Koko, in charge of the Environment, Nature Pprotection, Research and Technologies, attended and gave a speech highlighting the need to continue protecting the ozone layer. She also handed to the customs office department equipment for detecting ozone depleting substances. The event was published in the 'L'Union" newspaper.

  • They organised an exhibition on ozone-friendly technologies as well as workshops in elementary and secondary schools in which ozone protection issues was discussed with students.
  • Three videos addressing ozone protection, disposal of refrigerators, and protection from UV radiation were broadcasted during the week prior to ozone day.

  • Ozone Day celebrations took place in the Botanic Gardens where schools, technicians, government officials and customs officials were invited. Speeches were given on the ozone protection issue after which a competition was launched.
  • Guyana's newspaper, "Pepperpot" also dedicated a webpage on International Ozone day. http://www.guyanachronicle.com/pepperpot-ourenvironment.html.


The activities to be carried out during the week are focused on dialogue between different sectors regarding the effective implementation of the Montreal Protocol in Haiti.

  • Meetings were held between officers at the Ministry of Environment and a workshop on policies in refrigeration in Haiti. This latter activity constituted the first step towards public consultation on ODS licensing system as well as the National Ozone Steering Committee.
  • The official Ozone Day celebration was held on 15 Sept at which government officials, bilateral agencies, universities, the press and the general public were present.

  • Winners of the children's painting contest were awarded in a special ceremony and the paintings were kept in exposition during the weekend of 16 Sept.
  • A press conference was given by the Minister who also handed over refrigerant identification devices to two key institutions (Environment Prosecution Bureau and Customs Police) for the compliance with the national obligations, as part of the support given by SERNA.
  • A forum for different university students took place on the general thematic of ozone protection and of the projects addressing the alternatives to methyl bromide in melon growing and the conversion to ozone-friendly technologies by different companies. Granjas Marinas, a company that has converted to friendly technologies also participated.
  • During the months of July, August and September, talks were given in several schools in the city of Tegucigalpa on the ozone problematic. The Ozzy Ozone video was shown causing great impact among youngsters and children.
  • Together with the cooperation of the Customs Laboratory of the Executive Direction of Income (DEI) and technical personnel from the refrigeration department of the National Institute of Professional Training (INFOP), a training workshop was carried out directed to the staff from the Environment Special Prosecution Agency and from the Direction of Investigation Special Services and Border Police, about ozone layer protection and depletion, the national obligations under the Montreal Protocol and about the related activities carried out in the country.
  • A press release was issued in coordination with the communications office of SERNA , which was distributed through the different communication media of the country like radio stations, television and written press. An information supplement about the ozone layer issue and the celebration of the International Ozone Day was published, which also contained the activities that the Secretary has carried out through the Technical Ozone Unit for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

  • Air India organised a Children's Inflight colouring competition during the month of September.
  • The Directorate of Environment, Uttar Pradesh released a newsletter on the occasion of International Ozone Day.
  • The Gujarat Science City dedicated a webpage for International Ozone Day. http://www.scity.org/shownews.asp?id=161
  • Prizes to the winners of various competitions like Poster design Competition, Painting Competition, Quiz on Ozone Science, Skit Competition, Model Making Competition and Slogan Writing Competition were given to 53 students from various schools in and around Delhi.
  • Oasis, an environmental NGO, organised a workshop to commemorate the 'World Ozone Day'. 25 schools participated in this workshop.
  • Maharashtra High School, Upnagar, Nashik, Maharashtra, is a privately-run, Government-aided secondary school that caters to the educational needs of students in the age group of 9 to 17 years. The school has 514 students and 18 employees including 12 teachers. On 16 Sept 2006 the school celebrated International Ozone Day by organizing a lecture by Mr. Vijay Golesar , and a Drawing Competition on the theme of the lecture for our students.
  • The Dept of Environment, Govt of Uttar Pradesh, India organised a state level conference function on the occasion of the Ozone Layer Conservation Day on 16 Sept at Lucknow, India. The Hon'ble Minister of Environment Mr Ujjawal Raman Singh was the chief guest. He spoke on the ill effects of depleting ozone concentrations and also emphasised on the role of public participation in the conservation of the ozone layer.

    Click here for further information on the launch of the OzonAction Education Pack

  • Speaking at a conference in Sari, Mazandaran province on protecting the ozone layer, the Director of Department of Environment's National Office for Preservation of Ozone Layer acknowledged that consumption of ozone depleting substances has inflicted harms on the environment.
    Fereydoun Rostami urged that ODS transactions be controlled to prevent an increase in factors damaging the ozone layer. Monitoring customs offices is among the top programmes of the office in the trade sector.

  • Articles on ozone protection were printed in the main local newspapers as well as a speech from the Minister of Environment.
  • A number of radio stations held interviews with specialists on ozone protection issues.
  • Presentations werel held at schools during the week prior to ozone day and there were displays at the University of Technology.

  • Jordan News Agency announced that a ceremony will be held on the occasion of Ozone Day in Amman in the presence of Agriculture Minister Akef Zu'bi and Environment Minister Khaled Irani.


  • The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning/Ozone Unit is well into it's 9th year of celebrating International Ozone Day. This year the occasion wasused for promotion of strategic and integrated approach in management of chemicals.
  • Within the period 11-15 Sept 2006 brief lectures related to the management of ODSs and chemicals in general, were transmitted at the national radio "Antena 5".
  • In cooperation with the Civil Association "OXO" the Ozone Unit participated at a press-conference and promoted the "Ozzy Ozone - the protector of our planet" comic book translated in Macedonian, as part of the educational campaign "We don't have a spare planet", funded by the Swiss Government.
  • On 16 Sept the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning/Ozone Unit organized the official event dedicated to Ozone Day. Most of the stakeholder groups involved in the ODSs management were invited to participate, but the special accent was put on the media representatives and NGO sector. The major objective of the event was to bring the ODSs and chemical issues closer to this target group. They would undertake a role of a link between enforcement institutions and the public in promotion of ideas for protection of the ozone layer on a national and global level.

This year's Ozone Day activities targetted the children who will in future play an important role in taking steps to create public awareness in preventing the use of ozone depleting substances and in raising awareness about the dangers of life on earth associated with the depletion of the ozone layer. The following activities took place on 16 Sept.
  • A children's evening was organised at the Children's Park in the capital island, Male. About 5,000 children with their parents attended this event. The park was decorated with colourful banners bearing interesting ozone related massages and facts.
  • A live children's phone quiz was broadcasted the evening of 16 Sept.
  • The local TV, radio and press covered the day's events and broadcasted special reports and interviews. A special documentary "Return of the Ozone Layer" was broadcasted on national TV.
  • A special ceremony was held at the Minstry of Environmen t, Energy and Water where prizes and certificates were awarded to winners that participated in various competitions.
Click here for detailed report of events.

  • The Minister for the Environment, Anil Baichoo addressed the public at a ceremony marking the celebration of international Day for the protection of the layer of ozone held at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute. The ceremony was attended by students and representatives from various institutions.
  • Ozone Awards were given to the representatives of about thirty institutions that contributed in speeding up Mauritius' timely elimination of CFC.

  • On 7 and 8 Sept, SEMARNAT carried out an international seminar in Chiapas, México, on ODS illicit trade control. Representatives from environmental and customs agencies from Canada, United States, Panama, Belize and China attended the meeting. There was also attendance from the Mexican government as well as from international agencies and NGOs. In particular, the Policy and Enforcement Officer from UNEP/ROLAC, Ms. Artie Dubrie, was one of the lecturers together with representatives from UNIDO and Environmental Investigation Agency.


The National Ozone Unit organised the following activities on 16 Sept:

  • A press release regarding the achievements of International/National community to save the Ozone Layer was transmitted to mass/media.
  • A press conference with participation of notable scientists, civil servants and mass-media representative was held.
  • An Ecological hour on the Protection of Ozone Layer will be held in all primary and high schools.
  • A special radio broadcast (round table discussion) in the format "ECO-TERRA", under the topic "Protect the Ozone Layer: Save Life on Earth" was held.
  • The Ozzy Ozone cartoon video was broadcasted in Romanian language and advertisements of "Ozzy and Isabella" and "Buy Ozone Friendly Products.
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, t-shirts, hats, pens, pencil boxes, cups and parasols with the inscription "Salvati Stratul de Ozon" (Save Ozone Layer) were distrubted to schoolchildren including those at boarding schools.
  • As part of its ozone awareness campaign, Moldova translated the Ozzy Ozone comic book into Moldovian.

  • On the occasion of the Ozone World Day, the Municipality of Barka implemented a number of lectures on the best and bad practices that are done by people towards the environment. The lectures included discussions on cleanliness, at home, school, and how to get rid of waste. Lectures on household waste, the importance of environment and its natural resources, how to protect the Ozone Layer, and the importance of the regular maintenance of the air conditioning units.

  • For Ozone Day celebrations, the Secretary for the Environment through UNEP and support from UNDP carried out a Workshop on the Montreal Protocol for journalists. There was attendance from the communications media, Environment Secretaries, Central City Council Authorities and teachers involved in the theme. Mrs. Mirian Vega, Regional Network Coordinator, UNEP/ROLAC, gave a presentation on the Montreal Protocol and on the causes and consequences of the Ozone Layer Depletion.

  • On the ocassion of Ozone Day, Waleed Mohammed Al Emadi, Ozone Office Manager, Department of Technical Affairs, Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Reserves addressed the media. He said, Qatar was targeting an 85 per cent slash in its current import of ODS by next year. "In 2007, it will limit its import to 15 per cent. By 2010, Qatar will totally phase out ODS from the country. The article 16 of the proposed law empowers the authorities to penalise the import of ODS," he said.

  • The National Ozone Unit in collaboration with the National Environment Protection Agency organised seminars, a public awarrness campaign in the country and at regional level, the Regional Environment Protection Agency organised seminars, roundtable discussions regardind the ozone layer protection.
  • A flyer in commemoration of ozone day was printed by the National Environvironment Protection Agency.

  • The State Minister for Lands and Environment, Patricia Hajabakiga urged people living in Rwanda to protect the Ozone Layer. The Minister made the call on Saturday 16 Sept during a live radio-television talk show on the preservation of the Ozone Layer that was held at Telecom House in Kigali. The talk show was organized by Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA).

  • Miroslav Spasojevic, the Assistant Director of the Directorate for Environment Protection, Ministry of Science and Environment Protection was interviewed. He gave general information on the status of the ozone layer, expectations for its recovery and Serbia's contribution towards ozone protection. He also explained the relation between ozone layer protection and climate change.

    Based on this interview, Politika newspaper published an article entitled "Save the Life on the Earth" dedicated to the protection of the ozone layer.
  • Mr Spasojevic was also interviewed by Radio Belgrade.
  • The Secretary General's Ozone Day message was translated into Serbian and distributed to the media.
  • There was TV coverage informing the public of Ozone Day.
  • 16 Sept also marked the beginning of the European mobility week (16 -22 September), that is organized in connection with Climate Change. An NGO organized by students from the Belgrade University used this opportunity to offer information on ozone layer protection.

  • The National Environment Agency (NEA) produced car decals for distribution. They were distributed to members of the public and also to cab drivers in Singapore. The decals will also be distributed at the SEAP Network meeting in Indonesia in October 2006.
  • They also disseminated the UN Secretary General's message via their website at the following address: http://app.nea.gov.sg/cms/htdocs/article.asp?pid=2768

St Kitts and Nevis
  • The Ozone Story booklet was distributed to major local newspapers and the Minister of Environment gave a speech on the ozone layer protection issue.

St Lucia
  • The theme for Ozone Day celebration was "Staying Sun Safe in Saint Lucia." The Minister of the Environment, Ferguson John gave and speech after which he presented Ozone Awards to the following persons/ companies/hotels:

    Bishnu Tulsie – Individual Award
    Michael Harte – Individual Award
    Sir Arthur Lewis Community College – Institute Award
    Sandals Halcyon – Hotel Award
    Courts St. Lucia – Company Award
    Tropical Cooling – Importer Award
    Muffs Refrigeration – Importer Award
    ST. LU Refrigeration – Importer Award
    Allied Services - Importer Award
    Rays Refrigeration - Importer Award
    Paul’s Refrigeration - Importer Award
    Lorde’s Refrigeration - Importer Award

  • There were distributions of UV Meters, publications, as well as polo shirts with an ozone layer awareness message. The press was present to cover the event and a special article was published in the Voice newspaper.

  • A live radio interview at the Wave Radio Station was broadcasted on Friday, 15th of September 2006, talking about being Sun Safe in Saint Lucia.

  • A website developed specially for the ozone protection issue was launched during the week prior to ozone day and secondary school students were chosen as the audience for this event. T-shirts stamped with an ozone protection message was distributed.
  • There will also be an RMP demonstration for technicians.

St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • The Minister of Environment gave a speech and an exhibition on the ozone protection issue was held in several places. The Ozzy Ozone video was displayed during the whole week and an article was published in the newspaper.
  • The group 'Environment Attackers' worked with the National Ozone Unit at schools and they also produced an environment syllabus for primary schools.

  • .During the month of July, primary schools were invited to an exhibition about the ozone layer protection issue and for International Ozone Day, the media covered activities and publicized the celebration.

Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Environmental Management Authority marked this year's observance of World Ozone Day with a host of activities geared not only to the general public, but also specifically toward certain target audiences. The groups identified to be targeted for specific activities included Refrigeration & Air conditioning technicians, new home owners/ first time buyers, air conditioning and refrigeration retail stores, vehicle owners, housewives, procurement officers, secondary and primary school kids, tertiary level students, supermarkets and general consumers.
  • The activities included: brochures for technicians, for banks and lending institutions, mid-morning talk shows on radio and television, a half-day seminar for procurement officers and lectures at primary and secondary school environment clubs.
  • The Ozzy Ozone jigsaw puzzles was distributed, consumer tips in newspapers, a World Ozone day supplement, displays at several places and universities, inclusion of ozone material in syllabus at University of Trinidad and Tobago and a poster competition.
  • Further, the National Ozone Unit collaborated with the Annual Tourism Park (August 18-27 2006) hosted by TIDCO begun the celebration of International Ozone Day, and given that ozone depletion affects Tourism, World Ozone Day display was mounted at the Tourism Park (see picture).

  • The National Ozone Unit organised a presentation which included an educational television film, the Ozzy Ozone cartoon video and an introduction of the "OzonAction Education pack - A guide for primary school teachers." This presentation was diffused via the Ministry of Education. 100 CD copies of the educational film and the Ozzy Ozone cartoon in Russian and Turkmen were later disseminated.
  • On 16 Sept, about 250 t-shirts with the Ozzy Ozone logo were widely distributed to schoolchildren and college students.

  • World Ozone Day was organised at a 250-acre Royal van Zanten flower farm in Nakisunga, Mukono district. The ceremony was attended by Mr Gilbert Bankobeza, UNEP, who said Uganda had tremendously reduced the ozone depleting substances by about 98% and was ahead of the deadline to phase out methyl bromide that was commonly applied on flower farms.

United Arab Emirates
  • Reproduction of about 5000 copies of the Ozzy Ozone video and dissemination to as many schools as possible throughout the country.

  • A reception for Press representatives was given on 15 Sept by the Ozone Unit Office and the Ministry and Direction of Environment.
  • A tour of the Ministry of Environment together with the Press media in the exposition of activities related with industrial retrofitting within the framework of the National Programme for Gradual Reduction of ODS use.
  • The Minister of Environment presented the signing of Assistance Agreements within the framework of retrofitting of the different sectors linked to the final users of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration, and the Minister visited two frigorific companies that are beneficiaries of the Retrofitting Programme.
  • There was a "Training Workshop for Refrigeration Technicians in the Use of Alternatives to ODS", in which an international expert consultant from UNEP gave a lecture on retrofitting equipment to ozone friendly substances.
  • In the permanent education exhibition "Science Space" from LATU, there were several activities such as a stand of the National Programme for Gradual Reduction of ODS use, a video display of "The Ozone Layer, and adventure full of life", gifts (books, pencils, sharpeners) to all students attending the exhibition, the scientific publication "Twenty Questions and Answers about the Ozone Layer"were provided to the teachers attending the exhibition as well as the video "The Ozone Layer, and adventure full of life", brochures on skin care and of the ozone problematic.

  • The week prior to Ozone Day, there was a press conference in the Museum of Natural Sciences which inaugurated a series of videos, lectures and expositions on the issue. This will be maintained until 7 Oct.
  • On 16 Sept the Ozone Route was inaugurated in the Museum for the children.
  • An awards ceremony for the winning teachers of the Ozone Layer contest in the Instituto Universitario Tecnológico took place. The first prize was awarded to Prof. Ana Vale with the project "Ozone Tour Training Program", the second prize to Prof. Heberto Walter Valecillos with the project "Design of activities based on contextual teaching strategies for 9th grade students for giving them incentives for the preservation of ozone" and the third prize to Prof. Nadia Gómez with the project "Learning Pedagogic Projects: a window to knowledge". A total of 33 projects were evaluated during this contest.
  • On 17 Sept there was a mural painting about the Ozone Layer in the West Park which was attended by authorities from the Minister of Environment and FONDOIN.
  • During the week following Ozone Day there was a lecture about the Protection of the Ozone Layer in Venezuela, given by FONDOIN, in the Museum of Natural Science, and there was also a diploma presentation ceremony of accreditation of 38 Education Centers that gave courses on Good Practices in Refrigeration as well as the display of the video 'Good Practices' sponsored by FONDOIN.
  • The mass communication media was present in all of the events mentioned above



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