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You are from the Montreal Protocol global community and want to commemorate Ozone Day. Below are some suggestions you may use to help you plan your activities for this event.

Ban Ki-moonThe Secretary-General's Message on the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, 16 September 2009

Sustainable development depends, in large part, on the implementation of agreed environmental goals, targets and objectives. Among the considerable number of multilateral environmental agreements agreed between states over the past 40 years, the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and, in particular, its Montreal Protocol stands out.
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A letter to National Ozone Units from Raj Shende
, Head OzonAction Branch

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Rajendra Shende
Video News Release (VNR)
The UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme, in cooperation with UNEP's Division of Communication and Public Information, has produced a short news video about the interlinkages between ozone layer protection and climate change in the context of the HCFC phase out and growing interest in HFCs. It features high-level officials from UNEP including UNEP's Executive Director and Under-Secretary General Achim Steiner, scientists and NGOs.

Click here to view Raj Shende's letter to NOUs about the VNR
Click here to view the Country list VNR distribution
Click here to view the VNR Information Sheet
Click here to view the low version of the VNR. To download video, right click on mouse and save as target.

How countries celebrated International Ozone Day in 2008
Get ideas on how other countries round the world celebrated international ozone day last year.

2008 Ozone day
Ozone day dissemination products

CFC-free Inhaler package
Transition to CFC-free Inhaler Package for National Ozone Units: UNEP recently launched the CFC-free Inhalers Awareness Package for National Ozone Units (NOUs) in developing countries during the Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties of the Montreal Protocol in July 2009. This is to assist NOUs in Article 5 countries to raise awareness on CFC MDI phase out and facilitate seamless transition to CFC-free inhalers in their countries. Some CFC productions and consumptions will continue after the 2010 phase out deadline for the essential use of CFC-based MDI in certain countries, therefore the package has been developed in a way to make it contextual to the situation of all countries.
Click here for further information on the CFC-free Inhaler
Click here for to view and download CFC-free Inhaler package

Ozone2Climate TimesOzone2Climate Times - Media Corner: This is a new webpage dedicated to Environmental Journalists and the Media on Interlinkages between Ozone and Clilmate Change.

Journalist Competition: UNEP OzonAction is pleased to announce a competition for young environmental journalists working in print media. The deadline for the competition is 10 October 2009.

Click here for further details on competition
Guidelines for National Ozone Units to Celebrate International Ozone Day by engaging the Private Sector
The International day for the preservation of Ozone Layer (IOD)is celebrated every year on 16th September to applaud the efforts so far by the stake holders in implementing the most successful global environmental accord I e the Montreal Protocol. At the same time it is also an occasion to vision the challenge that lie ahead in the remaining implementation.The industry and business have lion's share in this success so far .Without the ozone friendly technologies that they invented ,the world would not have been able to phase out 98% of ODS to date.
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My ozone wishMy Ozone Wish - Public Service Announcements The UNEP CAP team, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has developed "My Ozone Wish" campaign to produce four 30-45 second powerful Public Seervice Announcements (PSAs) to raise awareness about the state of the ozone layer and the remaining challenges of the Montreal Protocol, specifically the 2010 commitments. ThePSAs display a variety of well-known individuals from different countries in Asia and the Pacific who represent an assortment of perspectives on the ozone-related issues.

Audio/Visual material:
You may also like to browse through the UNEP DTIE multimedia resource collection for other interesting audio/visual material related to ozone layer protection i.e. TV and radio spots, ozzy ozone video in various languages, the Caribbean ozone song etc. All these are available for download.

HCFC Help Centre At the 20th anniversary meeting of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone layer agreement was reached to adjust the Montreal Protocol's HCFC phase out schedule to accelerate the phase-out of production and consumption of HCFCS. This decision will result in a significant reduction in ozone depletion and well as in global warming.

The HCFC Help Centre offers information about the management and phase out of HCFCs.

HCFC PosterHCFC Poster The HCFC poster is available in two versions; one with the English text with a space to add your national logo and the other without text for translation into your language. The size of the posters are also available in high resolution, large print and medium resolution, medium-size print.

HCFC poster with text - large | medium
HCFC poster without text - large| medium

Green Customs GuideThe Green Customs Guide provides information and guidance to Customs and other border control officers to assist in their efforts to monitor and facilitate the legal trade and to detect and prevent the illegal trade in environmentally sensitive commodities such as ozone depleting substances, toxic chemicals, hazardous waste, endangered species and living modified organisms

Green Customs Guide

ozzy ozoneChildren and Ozzy Ozone There is a whole web-page dedicated to Ozzy Ozone products: booklets, TV and radio spots, Ozzy Ozone video and translations of it in a number of languages, snakes and ladder game, etc. all available and downloadable for your use.

childrens paintingChildren's Paintings: We cannot omit to ask you to use the children's paintings which are dear to us and hav e been extensively used successful for awareness purposes. These paintings can inspire children from different schools to paint and draw how they persieve the ozone hole today.

Quotes: We have a large collection of quotes/statements made by key people in the Montreal Protocol community that you may find useful for including in speeches, handouts, publications, articles etc.

Montreal Protocol Who's Who A web portal intended to honor the visionaries, innovators and implementers who are making the Montreal Protocol a global environmental success story.

seal the dealSeal the deal! The campaign is designed to mobilize political leaders, the business sector and civil society – including NGOs, community environment groups, youth and faith organizations – on a global scale to apply pressure for action to combat climate change.



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