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Ozone Layer Protection Questions and Anwsers:
20 Sessions for the 20th Anniversary

Topic for 15 June - 15 August 2007:

Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in Developing Countries

Q&A Coordinator for this session: Jeremy Bazyé

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As per the Montreal Protocol when will the refrigerant R22 be phased out in Bahrain and by which year the import of this refrigerant has to stop as per the Montreal Protocol?
B.C., Bahrain

As per the Montreal Protocol Article 5 Countries must freeze their annual consumption from 2016 to the level of their 2015 consumption until the year 2040 when the total phase out should occur. Bahrain is classified as an Article 5 country meaning that you shall freeze your consumption in 2016 and achieve total phase out in about 2040.
Your country should also stop the import of HCFC by 2040.

Please note that the Parties to the Montreal Protocol are currently discussing a potential acceleration of the HCFC Phase out schedule, so the 2040 date may change. This may be decided at the 19th Meeting of Parties in September 2007.

For further assistance, please get in touch with our Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) Compliance Assistance Programme team.

I wish to find out some documentation regards the time India has committed for banning the use of R22 gases?
M.T., India

Our answer to the above question may partly answer your query.

In addition each country may have taken measures at national level to further control production and consumption for various ODS including R22.

Please contact the National Ozone Unit of India or our Regional Office for Asia and Pacific (ROAP) Compliance Assistance Programme team for country specific information.

What is the theme for 2007 World Ozone Day
C.P, South Africa
M.M, India

The theme for the 2007 Ozone day is: "Celebrating 20 years of progress in 2007"

For more details please refere the following links: http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/events/20thanniversary.htm and http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/events/ozoneday/2007_events.htm

Can planting Trees have a direct impact in reducing the ozone depleting substances in our stratosphere?

No unfortunately, tree planting does not have any impact on the reduction of ODS in the stratotsphere.

The only contribution we can bring to the recovery of the ozone layer is stop production and use and emission of specific Ozone Depleting Substances listed in the Montereal Protcol (please refer to the folowing links for details:

http://www.unep.fr/ozonaction/information/index.htm; http://ozone.unep.org/Publications/; http://ozone.unep.org/Assessment_Panels/EEAP/eeap-report2006-FAQ.pdf)

Of course tree planting will help prevent other envoronmental hazrads such as global warming or desertification but this is outside our scope.


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