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ESTIS for National Ozone Units

ESTIS for NOUsThe UNEP DTIE OzonAction Branch and International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) have joined together to create a new service that enables National Ozone Units (NOUs) to design and build their own web sites in a highly cost-effective manner.

OzonAction has adopted IETC's innovative ESTIS website builder service to suit the needs of the Montreal Protocol community. This service facilitates the creation and management of websites on the Internet, sharing and searching of information across multiple websites, publishing of information by non-web designers and decentralized management of content, without involving any fees, nor requiring any web skills or information technology infrastructure.


OzonAction has developed a template that NOUs can use to create their stand-alone web sites once they have added contents related to their national activities. The template is available online in all United Nations official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).


Ozone Officers wishing to use this free service should send the completed Application Form (see right column) to the OzonAction Information Clearinghouse.

Upon receipt, we will notify you by email about your site ID, User ID and password. You can then start customizing your NOU website, experiment and apply your creativity to your web site design.


ESTIC concept note
ESTIS application form
ESTIS template External link
How to use ESTIS
ESTIS user guide

National Ozone Units Websites
Belize http://jp1.estis.net/sites/nou-belize/
Nepal http://jp1.estis.net/sites/nou-nepal/
Vietnam http://jp1.estis.net/sites/nou-vn/

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