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Information resources

Information resourcesThis section presents some of the key information resources collected, developed and provided by the OzonAction Programme's Information Clearinghouse. The Programme maintains a MultiMedia Collection (MMC), which includes several thousand publications, videos, audio files, and public awareness materials related to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

On-line music and songs that create public awareness about ozone layer issues

Contact details for National Ozone Units, Montreral Protocol units and other key members of the Montreal Protocol community worldwide.

Links to the different specialised database services offered by the OzonAction Programme

An innovative online service that allows National Ozone Units to design and build their own web sites

Montreal Protocol Who's Who
A new web portal intended to honor the visionaries, innovators and implementers who are making the Montreal Protocol a global environmental success story.

Ozone Quotes
Noteworthy quotes about the Montreal Protocol from key members of the global ozone protection community and others

Searchable bibliographic references for ozone protection publications and other items produced by UNEP and other organsiations. Most OzonAction publications are available online in full-text PDF format.

Trends Analysis
Graphical trends in consumption and production of CFCs for each Article 5 country

An online collection of video resources on ozone themes, including training videos, public awareness videos, public service announcements and video competition winners.

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