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Shelf Number: 4431  

Publication details
 Title Ozzy Ozone Defender of Our Planet: Ozzy Flies High
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN 92-807-2630-7
 Pages 14
 Language English
 Publication date 01/07/2005
 Publication type Booklet
 Sector General awareness
 Online version English (4431-e-comic-book.pdf)
French (4431-f-comic-book.pdf)
Portuguese (4431-p-comic-book.pdf)
Russian (4431-r-comic-book.pdf)
Spanish (4431-s-comic-book.pdf)
 Description This richly-illustrated comic booklet uses the Ozzy Ozone character and his new friends to educate children about the causes and effects of ozone layer depletion, the need to follow “safe sun” practices, and actions that they can take to be “ozone-friendly”. Developed as part of UNEP’s work programme under the Multialteral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, this booklet is part of a suite of educational materials linked ot the Ozzy Ozone video. This booklet is suitable for dissemination in schools as part of a national ozone protection awareness campaigns. The Ozzy Ozone character is a registered trademark of the Government of Barbados. UNEP would like to thank the Government of Barbados for its permission to use this character.
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