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 Title Ozzy Ozone Defender of our Planet: Ozzy Goes Farming
 Author Author not indicated
 ISBN 978-92-807-2774-6
 Pages 16
 Language English-Russian
 Publication date 01/09/2006
 Publication type Booklet
 Sector Methyl bromide
 Online version English (4833-e-booklet_ozzyfarming.pdf)
Russian (4833-r-booket_ozzyfarming.pdf)
 Description This comic book focuses on alternatives to methyl bromide. Ozzy and Zoe Ozone travel around the world with Mona the Monarck butterfly. They observe in every continent how methyl bromide can be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives. It is developed as part of UNEPís work programme under the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol. This booklet is part of a suite of educational materials linked to the global Ozzy Ozone campaign. This booklet is suitable for dissemination in schools as part of a national awareness campaigns.
 Full text document www.unep.fr
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