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Publication details
 Title Second Chance, How the Montreal Protocol can take further steps to protect the environment
 Author Fionnuala Walravens
 Pages 4
 Language English
 Publication date 01/07/2008
 Publication type Report
 Sector Multiple sectors
 Online version English (6103-e-EIA_Briefing_Jun_2008.pdf)
 Description Briefing to Parties at the 28th open-Ended Working Group Meeting and the 55th Executive Committee Meeting of the Montreal Protocol. Issues for parties to consider in implemeting the HCFC phase out. Alternatives to HFCs. Climate indicators. Cost effectiveness and financing. Dealing with ODS banks.Recommendations.
Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
Address 62-63 Upper Street, London, N1 0NY
United Kingdom
'44) 20 7354 7960
(44) 20 7354 7961
Email Ukinfo@eia-international.org
Web www.eia-international.org

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