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 Title Information on Commercially Validated Methyl Bromide Alternative Technologies - International Ozone Day for the Preservation of the OzoneLayer
 Author UNEP OzonAction Programme, Regional Office for Africa
 Pages 22
 Language English
 Publication date 14/09/2009
 Publication type Booklet
 Sector Methyl bromide
 Online version not available
 Description The emergence of commercially validated methyl bromide alternatives now brings new prospects and despite the challenges, Africa is witnessing the surfacing of the first fruits of many years of hard work by growers, local universities, research institutions, policy makers, Multilateral Fund (MLF) funded projects, UNEP Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) team, Implementing agencies and bilateral partners, among other stakeholders. This new breed of alternatives is now able to effectively compete with methyl bromide production system not only in, the technological feasibility but also in the economic/ commercial practicability.
 Full text document http://www.unep.org/roa/projects-programme/ozone/MB
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