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OzonAction Newsletter

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Dear Journalists,

This is what you have been waiting for! There is now a small corner of cyberspace where you can find out more about ozone layer protection and its linkages with climate change.

A new era has begun - the world community has now realised that while implementing the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone layer, significant climate benefits have been achieved. All of us in the ozone community have been working over the last two decades to protect the Ozone layer and in this process we have not only succeeded in setting the ozone layer on the path to recovery, but have also delayed the predicted adverse impacts of Climate Change by nearly a decade.

We are now at a defining moment in the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and have a unique and historic opportunity to make an even more significant contribution to mitigate climate change.

The Media Corner aims to provide some fascinating storylines, emerging news and explanation of the historic opportunities presented by a single focused global treaty that can deliver a multitude of benefits. There is much more to this Media Corner than just a compilation of information; it is a toolbox for you to inspire actions, it is a platform through which you can share your expertise, and it is intended to inspire your journalistic talents through thoughtful articles and blogs, opinions, and probing questions.

You have an opportunity to de-mystify this intriguing subject - particularly in the context of Climate Change - and reach out to millions of your readers, listeners and viewers.

We invite you to join UNEP OzonAction in this challenging adventure to support research, education, communication and action.

Rajendra Shende and OzonAction Team



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