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Children and Ozzy Ozone

Educating  children about ozoneChildren need to know about ozone depletion and its consequences because for as long as the ozone layer remains depleted, they need to protect themselves from excess UV radiation and practice "safe sun" behaviour.

Also, as everyone with a daughter or son knows, children are important for another reason: they transmit messages and information to adults: their parents, families, and teachers.

For these reasons, UNEP has emphasised children in its Global Awareness Campaign under the Multilateral Fund and has developed a suite of educational and public awareness products aimed at children.


Ozzy Ozone videos
Ozzy ozone videoIn this video, Ozzy Ozone and Alberta the Albatross take a voyage of discovery to find out exactly who and what is attacking the ozone layer and how children can play an important role in making a difference. This video is 9 minutes long. It has been shown in 62 countries and has been translated to 22 languages. Airline companies have shown it. Betacam format of this video is available in English, French, and Spanish and it is suggested that the national television channels could diffuse it. The international version of the video is available in case countries wish to translate it into a national language.

Ozzy Ozone video - English
Ozzy Ozone video - French
Ozzy Ozone video - Spanish
Ozzy Ozone video - Pashto (Afghanistan)
Ozzy Ozone video - Dzongkha (Bhutan)
Ozzy Ozone video - Khamar (Cambodia)
Ozzy Ozone video - Japanese
Ozzy Ozone video - Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
Ozzy Ozone video - Tagalog (Philippines)
Ozzy Ozone video - Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
Ozzy Ozone video - Russian

Ozzy Ozone TV spots
TV spotsThree short public service announcements for television have been produced: "Ozzy and Isabella", "Buy Ozone Friendly Products" and a short advertisement on the Ozzy Ozone video. Betacam videos suitable for broadcasting in English, French, and Spanish are available.
Ozzy Ozone TV spots

Ozzy Ozone radio spots
Radio spotsIn two 30-second radio spots, Ozzy Ozone is transmitting an urgent message from the stratosphere about the ozone holes over South and North poles. These spots are in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish for national or local radio diffusion.
Ozzy Ozone radio spots

Ozzy Ozone Defender of our Planet: Ozzy Flies High
Ozzy Flies HighA cartoon book for children featuring the Ozzy Ozone character, "Ozzy Ozone, Defender of Our Planet" was created. This cartoon is suitable for dissemination in schools.Desktop publishing files are offered for translation and printing of this publication.
Download files: Arabic | English | Chinese | French | Greek | Moldova | Mongolia | Montenegro | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish

Ozzy Ozone Defender of our Planet: Ozzy Goes Farming
Ozzy Goes FarmingThis comic book focuses on alternatives to methyl bromide. Ozzy and Zoe Ozone travel around the world with Mona the Monarck butterfly. They observe in every c0ontinent how methyl bromide can be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives. This booklet is part of a suite of educational materials linked ot the global Ozzy Ozone campaign. It is suitable for dissemination in schools as part of a national awareness campaigns.
Dowload files: English | French | Pakistan

Ozzy Ozone Defender of our Planet: Ozzy Goes Polar
Ozzy  Goes PolarOzzy Ozone and his friend Zoe will be falling to the North Pole and carried there by Tilman the Polar bear They will learn what happens to earth’s protective shield the ozone layer and what is the interlinkage with global warming. They will also meet some scientists in Tara boat.
Download files:
English | French | Russian | Spanish


Ozzy Ozone Defender of our Planet: Ozzy Goes Island Hopping
Ozzy Goes Island Hopping,Ozzy Goes Island Hopping features ozone depletion and climate change with a special focus on Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). In this story Ozzy and Zoe travel from the stratosphere to visit their friends Alida, the leatherback turtle; Guno, the sand crab and Ronaldo, the red snapper in Suriname to learn about the effects of climate change in small islands and low-lying coastal states.

This publication is a jointly produced by UNEP, UNICEF, UNESCO and Scouts International with participation of the governments of the hosting islands.
Download files:
Croatia | English | French | Russian | Spanish

OzonAction Education Pack for Primary Schools

Education pack for primary schoolsThis Pack has been developed by UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics OzonAction Programme as part of the organisation’s mandate as an Implementing Agency of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

The OzonAction Education Pack contains an entire teaching and learning programme, based on basic knowledge, practical skills and participation, for students to learn about concrete and simple solutions to protect the ozone layer and safely enjoy the sun.
Education Pack
Education Pack (Russian Version)

OzonAction Education Pack for Secondary Schools
Education pack for secondary schoolsThis book, designed for teachers of secondary schools, represents the start of a success story. It is an example of what happens if everyone tries to do something positive to help solve an environmental problem - in this case, the depletion of the Earth's protective ozone layer.

The Teacher's book which is like a mini-Montreal Protocol guide book catered for young people aged between 13-16 years, aims to raise awareness and encourage the active participation of young people in the debate on ozone depletion, it's potential effects on them, the place in which they live and the planet. It also offers children a chance to design their own projects for taking action.
Education Pack

Ozzy Ozone Game
Ozzy e-gameThe Ozzy Ozone board game is as much informative as fun. The colourful game in a form of “snakes and ladders” initiates the children to Ozzy’s world and gives a lot of information of the issue as well as examples of good actions to take and actions to avoid. The game is downloadable and can be printed on A3 sized paper.
Ozzy Game in English | French | Spanish |
Play Ozzy Game on-line or download e-game

How to download game

  1. Click on 'download e-game' then save the zipped folder to your hard disk.
  2. Click 'Open' then 'Extract all files'.
  3. Click 'OK' or 'Next' .
  4. Open the folder "ozzygame" then click on 'play-game' to enter the game.
  5. The game will open in your web browser.
  6. Have fun!

Ozzy Ozone Games - Indonesia
Ozzy e-gameThese Ozzy Ozone games were developed to educate children on ozone layer protection , were produced by the Government of Indonesia in cooperation with UNEP and supported by Sinergi Management Consulting & Capacity Building, UNDP, and dm Brands Consultants.

Click here to enter the games

Ozzy Ozone website
Ozzy's Kid's websiteOn 16 September 2005 in Mauritius, UNEP launched a new website for children providing information on issues concerning the ozone layer, as well as an interactive section that includes educational games. The website will be available at . This website will also be available on CD upon request.
Ozzy Ozone website

Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

The United Nations General Assembly on 20 December 2002 adopted a resolution establishing a UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD). The resolution designates the 10-year period as 2005-2014. The DESD offers an opportunity to advance progress made in human resource development, education and training to support sustainable futures. The Decade aims to promote education as the basis for a sustainable human society, and to strengthen international cooperation towards the development of innovative policies, programmes and practices of Education for Sustainable Development.

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