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Information and awareness

Information management
To date, UNEP has developed over 200 manuals, videos,
posters, CD-ROMs and websites, and has widely
disseminated those services to developing countries.
Notable activities in 2005 include:
œ International Ozone Day (16 September): support to
144 countries for national celebrations of this UN
commemorative day. Highlights included the Ozzy Ozone:
Defender of our Planet illustrated booklet for children and
a suite of TV and radio spots with the Ozzy theme
broadcast in four languages in 62 countries.
œ OzonAction Newsletter: three issues of this flagship
ozone protection newsletter in six languages.


UNEPfs Action to Meet the Challenge of Illegal Trade in
Chemicals; The Montreal Protocol: Partnerships
Changing the World.
œ Outreach: ozone protection outreach as part of the
theme of international chemicals management at key
international events, including joint exhibitions with
Secretariats of Stockholm, Rotterdam, and Basel
Conventions (e.g. UNEP Governing Council, COP-1 of
the Stockholm Convention, SAICM PrepCom 3). Launch
of Ozzy Ozone materials at Childrenfs World Summit for
the Environment (Aichi, Japan).


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